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Breakthrough Multicultural Engagement

Breakthrough Multicultural Engagement

Download the Breakthrough Multicultural Engagement Case Study here.

A leading consumer healthcare company deployed a number of multicultural engagement (MCE) initiatives that were deemed “best-in-class” by several industry publications. However, this view wasn’t shared within the company. Executives were concerned that, despite a substantial investment, the MCE initiatives were only realizing incremental gains. Though the company was recognized with numerous prestigious awards for its multicultural health marketing efforts, these efforts did not generate a corresponding growth in business. In early 2016, the company approached Clarkston to diagnose their stalled MCE initiatives and develop a new MCE strategy that generated a differentiated experience for diverse consumers and drove top line sales.

The Rise of MCE
Fifty years ago, multicultural engagement programs were relegated to the periphery. Today, most major companies have embraced some level of multicultural engagement. According to a poll by the Chief Marketing Officer Council and Geoscape, two-thirds of respondents said multicultural initiatives were supported by their CMO. What caused the transition? In 2011, a possible explanation was published in marketing trade journal Ad Age. It argued that changing demographics, new media, better consumer measurement, more corporate experience, and increased cultural awareness made MCE a major opportunity for growth. Half a decade later it is clear that MCE is no longer just an opportunity but a necessity. To reflect that, we’ve streamlined and updated the original drivers to reflect the major trends affecting businesses today.

Interested in learning more?  Download the Breakthrough Multicultural Engagement Case Study.

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