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Often companies have the intention to embed data into decisions but fail in their ability to execute. Clarkston’s analytics team will help you put your analytics in motion.

Making analytics actionable starts with understanding the data first.

Companies have more data than ever before but struggle in realizing automation through actionable analytics.  Many executives still are not seeing the value in their analytics investments because there are no actions or measurable results tied to the findings.  As companies look to incorporate artificial intelligence into their enterprise systems and processes, building trust in the capabilities and reliability of quality insights is essential to achieving results quickly.


Clarkston’s consultants help our clients find new opportunities and deploy their analytics and insights into active processes.  These improvements will streamline decision making and drive incremental revenue.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Clarkston offers proof of concept projects introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to your organization.

  • AI Pilot Design
  • RPA for Data Entry
  • RPA for Finance
  • RPA for Manufacturing

Decision Support

A decision support system may be exactly what your team needs to deliver end-to-end analytics in motion.

  • Decision Support Process Design
  • Embedding Analytics into Operations
  • Automating Tasks and Decisions
  • Implementation of Decision Support Tools

Change Management

No new process is complete without building trust. Attempting something new based on your analytics is one of the biggest hurdles companies face.

  • Change Enablement for Analytics
  • Analytical Talent Change Strategy
  • Sustainable Training Model for Advanced Analytics

What Our Clients Say

Vice President - Sales Operations & Finance

Global Consumer Products Snack Food Company

With the Clarkston team we had a great partnership and they provided many valuable insights to our organization.

Contact Traigh Groover to drive actionable outcomes from your analytics investments.

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