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SAP Plant Maintenance

For any enterprise involved in manufacturing, maintenance costs are a significant portion of business expenses. Often, this cost is reluctantly accepted as necessary, and not afforded the same level of scrutiny applied to capital plans. Activating the SAP Plant Maintenance functionality can provide a proven, highly effective means to properly control maintenance costs and improve business efficiency.

Many maintenance departments have no reliable method for relating spare parts to the equipment and systems they maintain.

In addition, poorly-supported maintenance activities may cause:

  • Inefficiently deployed maintenance craftspeople
  • Excessive and obsolete spare parts inventories
  • Expedited delivery of repair parts (to minimize unanticipated downtime)
  • Production disruptions due to product or utilities equipment failure
  • Low production operation efficiencies

Functionality & Capabilities
SAP Plant Maintenance is the only system that offers state of the art maintenance functionality with the capability to integrate with internal programs, such as: materials management, project management, finance and control, asset management and human resources. SAP Plant Maintenance functionality begins with organizing production and utilities systems into logical structures that mimic physical installations, called functional locations.

This Solution Brief highlights the plant maintenance challenges that life science and consumer products companies may encounter, and details the practical solutions that SAP Plant Maintenance can provide. To read more about our insights on SAP Plant Maintenance, click through to the PDF below.

Tags: Manufacturing Technology, SAP, Supply Chain Technology