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SAP Jobs at Clarkston: Senior SAP Consultant Career Q&A with Vasu

Vasu is a senior consultant at Clarkston Consulting. He shares about his SAP career journey — of close to 10 years with the firm! Read his Q&A below to gain insight into what an SAP career with Clarkston is like!

Vasu’s SAP Experience

How does Clarkston help you pursue an SAP career of excellence and job fulfillment? (ie. What is your favorite part about working at Clarkston?)

Clarkston is like a close-knit family. People here help each other when required. This is something not common in big organizations.

Why did you join Clarkston as an SAP consultant, and why have you stayed?  

I have been trained & had prior experience in SAP so joined Clarkston as an SAP consultant. Book author Marcus Buckingham quoted “People leave managers, not companies”. When people are treated well, taken care makes it to feel home.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to grow their SAP skillset and career? (ie. What has worked well for you?)

Clarkston is a company which allows to test & try something that like to. If you have a specific skill set in SAP but have an appetite to learn more , this is a place to do. When I started Clarkston my skill sets were different, by time I started to learn more & widened my skillset in SAP.

What made you pursue a career in SAP? (ie. What was your career path like? Is there a typical SAP career path?)

Since I had prior experience in SAP , continued to do that. Something I like about the career in SAP is you get to experience new place, new people, new culture, new business model, new domain from one project to another. If one likes it they will never return.

Clarkston Career Story

How long have you been with Clarkston?

With Clarkston, its close to 10 years now! I’m looking forward to celebrating that anniversary soon.

What is your role at Clarkston?

The designation at Clarkston is Senior Consultant. But the role differs on every project, it could be a associate consultant or lead or architect or advisor or manager , etc. If you have the appetite & the opportunity unfolds you can take it, no one stops.

Tell us about a new skill you’ve developed recently.

In the recent past one skill (in SAP) that I developed is EDI integrations. Apart from other soft skills that were developed during the project tenure.

If you had to choose, which of Clarkston’s core values do you feel resonates with you the most?

Brilliant Client Serv​​ice is the core value that resonates in me the most. Client’s delight is my personal delight.

How has your work changed post-COVID?

Completely, in the past used to travel every week. It was busy, eventful and met new people. Now no travel at all, all day meetings (mostly late evening),

Which internal initiatives, communities, or projects are you involved in at Clarkston?

Many over the course of my tenure. In the recent past have been helping to upgrade the S4 Security accelerator so we can reduce the implementation time.

Tell us about a memorable experience you’ve had while working with a client. What was your key takeaway or lesson learned from that project?

In one of the projects, the scope was too big, with many unknowns and acute timelines. Many thought the project will be a disaster. But the leadership did everything possible to keep people motivated & strived to meet goals. Eventually we finished it better than we thought. Effective leadership will drive things to success.

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