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Tom Finegan Interviewed by Adam Mendler

In an interviewed with Adam Mendler, Tom Finegan, Clarkston CEO and founder, discussed how to challenge yourself frequently. He also talked about about his new book, Amplifiers: How Great Leaders Magnify the Power of Teams, Increase the Impact of Organizations. A quote from the interview and link to the piece are included below:

September 16, 2021 | Durham, NC

Challenge Yourself Frequently: Interview with Tom Finegan

Tom Finegan sat down for an interview with Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group, creator and host of the business and leadership podcast Thirty Minute Mentors. In this interview, Finegan opened up about his key leadership tips and lessons, the main one being to always listen and observe first. Finegan’s favorite piece of advice is “God gave you two eyes, two ears, and one mouth for a reason. You should observe and listen twice as much as you talk.” In the interview, Finegan also highlighted the defining qualities of an effective leader, how to improve your leadership skills, how Amplifiers impact an organization, and more.

When asked about what he hopes people take away from his new book, Amplifiers, Tom said, “At the highest level, what I hope readers learn from my book is that the secret to sustained performance of great companies does not lie in their leadership capability alone, but in how they integrate leadership and followership. Leadership and followership are not two different ends of a spectrum, but are on two separate vectors entirely.  It’s my view that at the intersection of leadership and followership is an Amplifier. Amplifiers are the engine that makes companies really perform well. There are far more followers in companies than leaders, and it is the followers who carry out a leader’s mission, through the engagement of teams. Most times, Amplifiers have the ability to augment the leader’s message and intent, thereby improving the ultimate outcome for the business. Amplifiers increase the power of teams and magnify corporate performance in a way that ‘titled executives’ cannot.  Like electricity needs both AC and DC current, true leadership needs both leadership and followership.”

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We’re pleased to announce Amplifiers, a book by Clarkston Consulting CEO and Founder Tom Finegan. Amplifiers is a practical guide for readers which explores the special aspects of leadership and followership and how to unlock the power of employees to improve corporate performance and launch careers.