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Clarkston Consulting Announces Mobile Sales Optimization Solution using SAP HANA®

ORLANDO, FL  |  May 14, 2013 – Big data – and more data – offers previously unheard of opportunities for the global sales forces of today, but only if they can leverage real-time insights to sell more product. Clarkston Consulting today announces its latest sales force effectiveness solution for the consumer products and life sciences industries – a mobile sales optimization solution powered by the SAP HANA® platform.

Clarkston will showcase the new offering this week in Orlando at SAPPHIRE® NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference, where it is exhibiting in booth 1423. Attendees of this premier conference will be able to participate in a product demo at Clarkston’s booth to learn more about how SAP HANA and mobility can enable the sales force. The demonstration will highlight how field sales reps and executives can use real time data to act quickly by having at their fingertips sales summary data by customer or region, sales velocity by product, trade promotion effectiveness metrics, back order status and substitution options, and product inventory.

With the high volume of sales data available today, traditional database warehousing technology cannot provide insight at the speed required in this ultra competitive business environment. Information is outdated – by hours or even days – by the time it reaches field sales reps and decision makers. With SAP HANA, the information required to make decisions is available when the transactions are made – nearly in real time. The Clarkston solution uses SAP HANA and SAP® mobile technologies to provide real-time information to the field sales team. The benefits are clear – increased sales team productivity, opportunity for successful cross sell and/or up sell, the ability to effectively manage back orders as well as customer expectations, and of course, delighted customers.

SAPPHIRE NOW attendees who are interested in more information about successfully implementing SAP HANA are also invited to attend a panel discussion titled Eyes on the Prize: Lessons Learned from Implementing SAP HANA with Patience and Fortitude. This discussion is Session 3111, Thursday, May 16, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Clarkston Consulting is a different kind of management and technology consulting firm.  We deliver a unique experience for market leaders within the consumer products and life sciences industries.  Considering professionalism, expertise, and value as prerequisites, we take service a step further through our unyielding commitment to the success of people as individuals, both our clients and our stewards.  By combining integrity, adaptability, and a “whatever-it-takes” attitude, we have achieved an extremely high rate of referral and repeat business and a 10-year average client satisfaction rate of 97%.  For more information, please visit

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