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Michelle Tartalio Quoted on SEO Content Optimization

Durham, NC | July 29, 2020

Clarkston Partner, Michelle Tartalio, was quoted this past week on StreetInsider’s latest article around methods to optimize your SEO content. An excerpt from the article is included below.

The importance of keywords is extremely obvious. It is more important than the quality of content and smart placement of target keywords so they don’t be shown as fake and forced.

Primary and secondary are the two types of keywords. Google queries are served with the help of primary keywords while helping your page to rank better is associated with Secondary keywords. Placement of the keywords should be in the title, the first and last sections, and in the body text for best outcomes.

Keywords also serve to help with linking in addition to better linking. Both internal and external links are features of a well-optimized website, all of which promote your keywords, thus helping your page rank better. Internal, Inbound, and navigational links should be updated regularly.

According to Michelle Tartalio, VP of Marketing and Corporate Strategy for Clarkston Consulting “In my experience, the best way to optimize content for SEO is by focusing on selecting the right keyword. Marketers should take the time to find a keyword that matches their content and the user’s intent. This step is so easily skipped over, but all the optimization efforts around content length and links are wasted if the keyword does not match your intent or your reader’s intent. Take the extra time to think through how well your keyword reflects your content and ensure it is unique enough to capture the right audience. Once you have the perfect keyword, making sure the title and introductory paragraph include the keyword is important, so people realize they are reading exactly what they expected to read”

To wrap things up, image keywords also need to be optimized. Keywords ought to be utilized in file names and image alt attributes. Your website becomes an image search friendly in this way. Ensure that the content accompanying the image is appropriate as to not lose visitors.

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