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Clarkston Sponsors NC Tech Association NC IT Job Trends Report

Durham, NC | September 1, 2020

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting and coding education provider Momentum Learning are sponsoring the NC Tech Association IT Job Trends Report. This month’s report featured North Carolina IT jobs trends for the month of July 2020. Some of the information featured in the report includes the top occupations, metropolitan statistical areas, hard skills and certifications, hirers of tech talent, and North Carolina versus overall USA job postings for the month. Excerpts from the report and a link to the full report for the NC Tech Association are included below.

Report Highlights

July saw a sharp increase for open technology positions in North Carolina. At 27,171 open positions, the state showed a slight recovery in employment opportunities in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. While positions remain open in the state’s largest metropolitan areas, growth was highest in areas with populations below 300,000, including cities such as Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Asheville, and Wilmington.

With the critical importance of healthcare businesses clearly evident in today’s environment, it comes as no surprise that the healthcare and life sciences sectors are driving huge numbers in employment opportunities. Employers such as UNC Health Care, Change Health Care Inc., and IQVIA have posted some of the largest increases in job postings over last year and previous months.

As the ongoing effects of COVID-19 continue to proliferate across the state and country, job seekers are finding opportunities for employment across an increasingly diverse array of sources. Special interest, minority, and student-led organizations have shown an explosion in job postings with groups such as the Society of Women Engineers increasing job postings over 7,000% from the previous year.

Software Developers: In-Demand Now and in the Future

The latest data reveals that Software Developer careers continue to top in-demand job lists, even in these uncertain times. On a global scale, Software Engineer made LinkedIn’s top 10 most in-demand jobs in the world list for July 2020 – a spot it’s maintained month-over-month. From a national lens, Software Developer – along with Web Developer and Information Security Analyst – made Indeed’s list of 15 in-demand jobs with anticipated growth rates for the next five years. And in North Carolina Software Developers are #1 in top 10 occupations again this July, with +17.3% year-over-year growth.

As securing tech careers in demand feels more important than ever, there is motivation to learn to code in North Carolina with coding schools like Momentum. Coding courses train students for software developer careers that offer long-term growth and a large number of open positions.

Building, Growing, and Supporting Careers

Momentum builds, grows, and supports software development talent, providing relevant skills training for the modern workplace. Clarkston Consulting solves business and technology problems for the world’s leading life sciences and consumer products companies. Clarkston Consulting and Momentum are investing in North Carolina by helping visionary companies deploy new and inclusive strategies to find, develop and retain the best technology talent.

Read the full report on North Carolina IT job trends from the NC Tech Association for the month of July here.