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Clarkston’s Aley Saleh Illuminates How 3PL Providers Navigate Challenges

Clarkston Consulting’s Aley Saleh, a senior consultant and supply chain expert, was recently featured by Inbound Logistics for her thoughts on how third party logistics (3PL) providers are meeting new challenges with updated and expanded menus. This article shares insight on whether shippers outsource their end-to-end supply chain by the pie, or just a portion of it by the slice. Read Aley’s featured quotes below, and the full article here.

August 25, 2022 | Durham, NC

No Matter How You Slice It, 3PLs Deliver

The article explains that while no single industry can counteract the myriad supply chain obstacles facing most businesses, third-party logistics (3PL) providers have been helping their clients navigate the unprecedented challenges of the past few years in several ways.

“Companies that partner with logistics providers often gain a real-time view of the many moving parts of their supply chains,” says Alexandra Saleh.

“Many logistics providers will continue to integrate machine learning or artificial intelligence to recognize the most efficient solution to a problem,” says Alexandra Saleh.

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