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Clarkston Consulting Highlights 2015 Generics Industry Trends

Biosimilars, Labeling & Strategic Partnerships May Transform the Industry

DURHAM, NC  |  February 4, 2015 – Clarkston Consulting, a management and technology consulting firm specializing in the life sciences and consumer products industries, just released its 2015 Generics Industry Trends Summary.

The 2015 Generics Industry Trends Summary provides an overview of the five major trends impacting the industry, discussing the implications of each for generics companies. The trends summary highlights:

  • Biosimilar approval and commercialization pathways in the United States;
  • Realizing synergies from industry mergers and acquisitions;
  • Increasing pressures from new distributor and pharmacy partnerships;
  • FDA’s proposed generic drug labeling rules;
  • Assessing and improving therapeutic benefits through improved analytics and product tracking capabilities.

“This year will be transformational for the generics industry. While patient access, affordability and therapeutic outcomes will remain paramount,” says Joe D’Ambrosio, Partner at Clarkston Consulting, “pending regulatory approvals and recent industry partnerships will create additional opportunities for first movers to take advantage of the expanding global market.”

Click here to read the 2015 Generics Industry Trends Summary. Throughout the year, Clarkston will revisit each of these trends in more detail, evaluating how generics companies are reacting to – or capitalizing on – them.

Clarkston Consulting also publishes trends reports for the larger life sciences and consumer products and retail industries, and abbreviated trends summaries for the other sub-verticals in which the company specializes. The 2015 Life Sciences Trends Report can be accessed here.

Within the life sciences, Clarkston will also be releasing trends summaries that are specific to the biotech, medical device and contract manufacturing industries. These summaries, along with additional Clarkston thought leadership, can be found on our Perspectives page on our Clarkston Perspectives app, which can be downloaded from iTunes.

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