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Partner Sean Burke Featured for Expertise on Loyalty Program Strategies

June 29, 2023  | Clarkston Partner and Retail Industry Lead Sean Burke was cited by CO for his expertise on loyalty program strategies and brands’ revamped rewards strategies. An excerpt of Sean’s featured quotes from the article has been included below, and read the full article here

Loyalty Programs From Jet Blue, Sweetgreen and Others Evolve to Deliver Experiential Rewards

“In today’s economic climate, brands need to remember that consumers aren’t stopping their spending altogether; rather, they’re reprioritizing how and where they spend their money. As a result, brands also need to reinvent or reprioritize their marketing and retention strategies. What’s worked in the past when it comes to loyalty programs, marketing, or retention efforts isn’t a guarantee.”

“With any loyalty program, customers expect some sort of reward or perk, of course. The difference will be providing the better experience, the more premium perks, the deeper discounts.”

“The North Face’s XPLR Pass rewards program combines a bit of everything when it comes to the customer experience, but they’re also doing a fantastic job of appealing to their customers’ values and interests.”

“[Value-based rewards programs] are particularly impactful. Value-based loyalty programs don’t necessarily reward the customer but rather appeal to their personal values.”

“It’s more than just getting a reward for spending cash. There’s a level of activity involved that customers are craving as part of the entire purchasing experience.”

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