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Corporate Racial Justice Site Launches to Help Businesses Create Sustainable Change

January 28, 2021 | Durham, NC

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting announced the debut of, a dedicated digital resource providing tools and information for businesses wishing to advance racial justice in the corporate setting. In addition to learning tools and resources, the site’s Corporate Racial Justice Diagnostic Assessment Tool allows businesses to gauge their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) maturity against industry best practices.

The racial justice movement that sparked nationwide protests and demonstrations in 2020 compelled Clarkston’s leadership team to launch the initiative. At the onset, the site was created to help businesses understand the various aspects of racial justice and even more so, understand their own ability to promote, sustain, and encourage DE&I at an enterprise scale.

“Following the events of 2020, we shortly recognized the national discourse on diversity, equity, and inclusion was rapidly changing. For the first time, people across the country were starting to take a deeper look into their own unconscious biases and businesses began to take the same path of self-reflection,” said Clarkston CEO and Chairman Tom Finegan.

Finegan continued, “We’ve always been proud to partner with our clients to address their deepest business challenges. The fight for racial justice is no different. We’re happy to provide a resource that will help organizations create sustainable change that ensures an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Clarkston’s Diversity Council partnered with subject matter experts and stakeholders to develop the site, resources, and assessment. Having worked with a broad spectrum of organizations, the team ensured that the site and its resources can be used by a wide variety of businesses, regardless of their current state.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t defined end states. They’re values – values that require continuous maintenance and care. We wanted to create something that would give businesses a better understanding of how they’re doing in the pursuit of those values,” said Clarkston Diversity Chair Brandon Miller.

Miller continued, “This site alone won’t fix every potential issue. It will, however, give business leaders a framework for understanding racial justice in the corporate sphere, where they have the ability to create change, and how they can sustain it.”

To learn more about corporate racial justice and access the available resources, click here.

To take the Corporate Racial Justice Diagnostic Assessment, click here.

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