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Companies Focus on Consumer-Centricity and Creating Value in 2016 and Beyond

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA  |  February 18, 2016 – Clarkston Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in the life sciences and consumer products industries, recently released its 2016 Industry Outlook reports.

Leveraging the expertise of clients and company stewards, the 2016 Life Sciences Outlook and 2016 Consumer Products Outlook reports address how companies can better engage consumers and demonstrate, improve and monitor the value of their offerings.

The 2016 Consumer Products Outlook discusses three primary themes that resonate not only with consumer products manufacturers, but also with their partners, distributors and retailers.

Consistency – Consumers expect products to be available when, where and how they want them, along with messaging that is clear and consistent across channels.
Authenticity & Value – Consumers are gradually placing a higher value on companies and products that are transparent, relatable, and articulate an authentic value proposition.
Innovation – Whether innovation occurs at the product, promotion or operational level, companies that continuously examine new opportunities will better engage consumers and improve long-term market performance.”

“The consumer products industry has always been marked by change, but it is even more pronounced now in the ‘age of the consumer’,” says Steve Rosenstock, Clarkston Partner and Consumer Products Industry Leader. “With consumers more connected, educated and engaged, consumer products companies need to ensure that they listen, quickly adapt to evolving needs, and engage across all appropriate channels.”

The 2016 Life Sciences Outlook highlights four trends that will shift how life sciences companies operate over the coming years, as well as their impact on the larger healthcare system.

Patient-Centricity – Companies are expanding their understanding of the complete disease state, incorporating patient and data-driven feedback to develop more customized, comprehensive therapies.
Digital – While the breadth and depth of new data can dramatically improve health outcomes, companies need to evaluate their digital capabilities, develop a strategy, and ensure alignment with partners, payers, providers and patients.
Agility – As consolidation, innovation, government and industry impacts increase, agility will be essential for companies operating on a global scale.
Value – As companies consider product development, pricing, patient engagement or digital integration, proving value will be the pivotal, unifying factor.

“Our life sciences clients are focused on ad­dressing regulatory requirements, integrating business units or systems, and demonstrat­ing comprehensive therapeutic value,” says Janel Firestein, Clarkston Partner and Life Sciences Industry Leader. “Those exploring new partnerships, business models and technologies will realize the impact throughout the value chain.”

The reports are available on the company’s website at

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