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5 Steps CPGs Should Take to Keep a Cohesive Brand Experience Across Multiple Retail Banners

Compliantia | January 25, 2017 – Branding should be a priority for any CPG. A compelling brand attracts great people to your company, promotes loyalty, and increases sales.

Promoting a strong brand experience is relatively easy when you’re calling the shots. If you’re running your own retail store or website, for example, your company is in the driver’s seat, so you can control (to some extent) how people experience your brand.

It’s a different story when you’re selling across various retail banners. When your products are showcased in stores you don’t fully control, consumers may not perceive or experience your brand the way you intended. Merchandise can be displayed incorrectly or associates may fail to properly explain what your company is all about.

Whatever the case, you need to take steps to promote a cohesive brand across different retail banners and ensure that consumers have a great experience no matter where or how they’re shopping.

That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this post. We’ve put together five tips to ensure that no one drops the ball when it comes your company’s brand. Check them out and see how you can apply them in your business.

Step 1 – Be very clear about the core essence of your brand and what you stand for
Creating a compelling and consistent brand experience in-store starts even before your products hit the shelves. You need to take several internal steps prior to dealing with retailers. The most important of these is to define what your brand stands for. You need to articulate the core or “essence” of your brand, and only after you do this can you craft the right experience.

As Aaron Chio, senior manager at Clarkston Consulting put it, “It always starts with defining what your brand stands for and staying true to that vision across different outlets.”

This step must be carried out from the top down. Your company’s leadership should take the time to define what your brand is all about. What makes your company unique? What emotions do you evoke in people? What is your core mission and vision?

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