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Clarkston’s Sarah Broyd Speaks on Emerging Biometric Beauty Tech

Clarkston Consulting’s Sarah Broyd, Associate Partner and health and beauty industry expert, was recently featured by The Information for her thoughts on Perfect Crop.’s artificial intelligence platform. This article shares insight inside this billion-dollar bet on biometric beauty tech. Read Sarah’s featured quotes below and the full article here.

September 9, 2022 | Durham, NC

The Secret Life of Selfies: How a Beauty Tech Startup Is Using AI to Match Faces With Products

Perfect Corp. recently launched an AI Personality Finder. The technology analyzes your facial features – matching your skin shade to a product or overlaying cosmetic/fashion accessories – and can give clues into your personality and the types of products you might be interested in. The algorithm provides a profile based on the arrangement of your face. Data from this technology can help R&D teams develop new products and brand teams to explore new marketing strategies. The article shares concerns on how pairing facial biometrics with personality matching can involve unconscious bias within AI, and Sarah Broyd, who works with global beauty brands, mentioned that Gen Z has a higher comfort level disclosing biometric information as long as it’s a valuable platform.

“It’s a really intimate form of market research,” said Sarah Broyd. “Customers are providing you with this data by literally scanning their skin.”

“[Many] big companies aren’t developing this technology in-house; they hustled to get up to speed [during pandemic lockdowns] because people weren’t going into their stores,” said Broyd.

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