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Clarkston Sponsors NC Tech NC IT Job Trends Report for November

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting and coding education provider Momentum Learning are sponsoring the NC Tech Association IT Job Trends Report. This month’s report featured North Carolina IT jobs trends for the month of November 2020. Some of the information featured in the report includes the top occupations, metropolitan statistical areas, hard skills and certifications, hirers of tech talent, and North Carolina versus overall USA job postings for the month. Excerpts from the report and a link to the full report for the NC Tech Association are included below.

Report Highlights

As we move towards the end of the year, available IT positions in North Carolina for November, at 28,120, experienced a relatively minor dip from the previous month. From last year to this year, the greatest number of available positions are highly focused in the technology industry with employers like Oracle, IBM, HCL Technologies, Cisco, and SYSTEL accounting for a quarter of the available employment opportunities.

Cloud technology continues to be a significant focus for employers with 7 of the 10 highest in demand skills focused on cloud capabilities, including cloud infrastructure, cloud environments, cloud services, cloud platforms, and Oracle cloud. Hard skills around finance and financial services experienced the highest drop from the previous year with a 44% average decrease in demand. In terms of industry, the manufacturing sector experienced the greatest increase from 2019 with a nearly 85% increase in available positions.

While lockdowns and Covid-19 cases increase across multiple regions, the portion of available positions made available in the past 30 days accounts for nearly a third of open opportunities. Beyond that, positions made available in the last 60 days make up over half of open opportunities. Looking forward to the remainder of the year and early months of 2021, a change in the White House administration and news of a potential federal stimulus have the potential to buoy open IT opportunities.

Why Learning Python is Critical in 2021

As businesses across industries accelerate digital transformation, there will be an increased emphasis on entire organizations developing technology skills. Sustainable, successful digital transformation requires the right skills that workers in all departments can learn. So, when it comes to the question why learn Python in 2021, its ease of use and compatibility is critical. To learn Python programming requires less time and resources for beginners. Though simple to learn and easy to analyze, the multi-purpose language can be used for completing a diverse set of programming tasks and provides exceptional scalability across a variety of operating systems.

According to IT Job Trends data, Python continues to be a hard skill with the largest year-over-year increase. In November alone, growth for Python skills increased almost +24%. Learn Python programming to learn the basics of code and to start applying its aid in data processing from almost any source. You’ll be poised to contribute to hands-on projects and learn other programming languages. You can learn Python programming with Durham coding school Momentum’s structured, instructor-led course. Each week you’ll take on new coding projects and access a vibrant community of mentors to help you learn in the virtual course

Building, Growing, & Supporting Career

Momentum builds, grows, and supports software development talent, providing relevant skills training for the modern workplace. Clarkston Consulting solves business and technology problems for the world’s leading life sciences and consumer products companies. Clarkston Consulting and Momentum are investing in North Carolina by helping visionary companies deploy new and inclusive strategies to find, develop and retain the best technology talent.

Read the full report on North Carolina IT job trends from the NC Tech Association for the month of November here.