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Clarkston Consulting Sponsors NC Tech Association NC IT Job Trends Reports

April 22, 2020 | Durham, NC | IT Job Trends

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting and coding education provider Momentum Learning are sponsoring the NC Tech Association IT Job Trends Report. This month’s report featured North Carolina IT jobs trends for the month of March 2020. Some of the information featured in the report includes the top occupations, metropolitan statistical areas, hard skills and certifications, hirers of tech talent, and North Carolina versus overall USA job postings for the month. Excerpts from the report and a link to the full report for the NC Tech Association are included below.

IT Job Trends Report Highlights

While there is clearly a significant humanitarian impact from COVID-19, there will also be a significant impact to the global economy and the North Carolina technology community. The full impact of coronavirus is still uncertain, and it is unlikely to be fully reflected in this March report on tech jobs. What we did see this month is that North Carolina saw a decline of 5.7% of Tech Job openings throughout the state to 29,755. This decline in demand impacted across most technology roles. However, demand for certain roles increased in March including Computer User Support Specialist (2.6%), and Information Security Analysts (11.8%). There was some good news for tech job seekers in Winston-Salem (48.6%), Wilmington (24.8%), and Asheville (46.7%) which all saw an increase in demand for tech talent.

Remote Work: The Chance to Experiment New Ways of Working

Within days, companies of all sizes and industries shifted to remote work models. Some scrambled to create work-from-home practices, while other organizations were poised for the transition. Take for instance Durham-based FinTech company Spreedly. The software company normally operates with a flexible model for team members. Tuesdays and Thursdays are in-office work days and the rest of the week employees can work where you choose. Now with over 4.7 million Americans working remotely today, there is urgency to rethink remote work and test new ways of working both now and beyond the pandemic.

This shift to remote work creates opportunities to empower employees to manage their own time and collaborate in new ways. Outside of a traditional office and without the stress of commuting, workers can now take advantage of their peak periods of focus. It’s a time of encouraging breaks, working dynamically in a variety of locations, and reshaping a physical workspace that works for individual needs. Test new operational processes, focus on technology and cybersecurity optimization, and make conscious effort to communicate now more than ever before. Experiments now may prove very beneficial as workers may see remote essential to their job choice tomorrow.

Building, Growing, & Supporting Careers

Momentum builds, grows, and supports software development talent, providing relevant skills training for the modern workplace. Clarkston Consulting solves business and technology problems for the world’s leading life sciences and consumer products companies. Clarkston Consulting and Momentum are investing in North Carolina by helping visionary companies deploy new and inclusive strategies to find, develop and retain the best technology talent.

Read the full report on North Carolina IT job trends from the NC Tech Association here.