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Clarkston Director Published Commentary on Maintaining IT Strategic Strength

Jerry Janis, director at Clarkston Consulting, shared a commentary published in Information Week on how CIOs can ensure that IT maintains strategic strength within their organization. Read an overview of the piece below and the full article here.

December 14, 2022 | Durham, NC

Maintaining IT Strategic Relevance in a Post-Pandemic World

Challenges continue to face the IT industry — high inflation, talent resourcing challenges, and ongoing supply chain setbacks. CIOs should establish an IT governance model that is focused on high-impact opportunities. Aligning business strategy and IT investment should be the focus, but CIOs also need to mitigate supply chain headwinds and recognize that people are key to enabling change. Organizational change plans must be embedded within the IT strategy, along with data on the equation of people, process, and technology in order to demonstrate value delivery and ROI. IT plans needs to be put into action to deliver upon high-impact tech solutions, and successes should be celebrated to properly recognize the contributions of the many stakeholders and IT team members.

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