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Clarkston Consulting Introduces New Logo Ahead of 30th Anniversary

November 15, 2021 | Durham, NC

Life sciences, consumer products, and retail consulting partner Clarkston Consulting announced today the launch of a new company logo and mark. The new Clarkston logo and mark have been updated to more accurately represent the business’ clients, work, and people.

“As our 30th year in business approaches, we’re excited to introduce this new evolution of Clarkston. Over the past three decades, our clients’ competitive realities have been disrupted time and again, and as they’ve evolved to meet those realities, so have we. Just as we’ve grown new capabilities, learned new skills, and adopted new ways of working, we’re happy to evolve our business in a new way with this logo,” said Clarkston President Paul Garrison.

Leveraging the colors branded to represent each industry – Life Sciences (blue), Consumer Products (green), and Retail (purple) – the overlapping segments of the new logo mark merge together to form a complete circle and embodies the blurring of the lines occurring in these industries. As a business purpose-built and industry-focused to its clients, the mark further signifies that no matter where they may fall on the spectrum of industries, Clarkston’s business is expressly designed to serve their unique needs.

As part of the new logo, other businesses in the universe of Clarkston companies have also received new logos, including Clarkston Technology Solutions, Clarkston Digital, and the Clarkston Executive Alliance. To learn more about Clarkston, visit

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Businesses across the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries partner with Clarkston Consulting to enhance strategic decision-making, improve operational efficiencies, implement new technologies, and promote business growth and market diversification. Leveraging deep functional and industry expertise, our people discover, design, and deliver solutions that fit your business, your goals, and your future. At Clarkston, your purpose is our purpose.