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Clarkston Cited as Animal Health Expert

In a recent article, Cheap Dog Food Brands Lose Profits As Pet Owners Spend More For Premium Ingredients Clarkston was referenced as an expert on the topic of pet food sales, profitability, and shopper behavior.  Read an excerpt of the article below:

That said, it’s not just millennials who care for their pups. New information and studies on dog nutrition have also contributed to pet owners of every generation taking a greater interest in what goes into doggy diets. These factors have paved the way to the rise of gourmet pet foods, which are high-quality foods that looks closer to human foods than traditional kibble.

“One of the main things that we’ve seen in the past five-plus years is that the parents, the shoppers, of the pets, they’re looking at pet food in the very same way they’re looking at the food they buy for themselves,” Clarkston Consulting principal consultant Steve Rogers said in an interview.

Human-grade food includes ingredients that would normally be seen in human food items, including cranberries, apples, and even kale. Most gourmet pet food manufacturers tend to get inspiration for recipes from human meals.

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