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IDEAs Seminar: Inclusive Language Training

The goal of Clarkston’s Inclusive Language Training is to better understand the historical context behind words or phrases that hold different meanings to different communities, as well as provide the tools and perspective to critically analyze new language that we experience moving forward with an inclusive lens.

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Learning Objectives

What is Inclusive Language?

Discuss the importance of being mindful of the language we use in the workplace and learn how to leverage people-first, preferred, and evolving language.

How to Implement Inclusive Language

Become rooted in the history of words, how grammar shapes thinking, and what are common words and phrases to avoid.

Best Practices

Bridge inclusive language to a culture of belonging by learning how to be an advocate, the differences between intent and impact, and mitigation strategies when it comes to correcting others’ language, or your own!

IDEAs Seminar Methodology


Raise awareness for the topic, concept and/or idea.


Facilitate an open conversation through safe and open dialogue.


Encourage attendee participation and ownership on the path forward.



Ideate calls to action to catalyze change – with every participant committing to action.

Diverse Work Team

Our Perspective on DE+I Training:

  1. We think about the difference between knowledge and skills. We focus on less telling, more doing, with an emphasis on practical application of learned knowledge and skills.​
  2. We treat the learners as consumers on a journey, that starts from the will/need to learn a new skill to the application and mastery of the skill.
  3. We curate the experience and inject the right stimulus at the right time to ensure lessons are reinforced and skills applied.​ This allows learners to come to the “aha” moments and draw their own conclusions.

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