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Principal Consumer Products Consultant Shares Thoughts for Women’s History Month

In celebrating Women’s History Month, Nicole Borse, Principal at Clarkston, shared with us her career story and beautiful words about what Women’s History Month means to her!.

Women’s History Month 2023

What was one thing that surprised you the most about your career journey?

The one thing that surprised me most is that I have had a fulfilling and happy career that hasn’t necessarily been vertical. In a world where upward mobility is often the goal, my career has been more of a slant, and I am thankful.

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

I have an amazing group of string women in my life and WHM is a reminder to take the time to be thankful for them as well as the women who fought so hard to get us where we are today. It’s also a reminder that as a society we have long way to go and not stop listening and speaking up.

The 2023 Women’s History Month theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” what does that mean to you and how have other women’s stories impacted your own?

To me, this theme means to speak up, ask for what you want, ask for help, be kind, make your words useful (and kind). Use your words to connect with other people but choose those words carefully and use as few as possible.

I wasn’t raised to use my voice or to speak up or even ask for what I want. It took years for me to learn and practice that skill. I live by a “speak up and ask” mantra today and work with my children to ensure they know they have a right to be heard as do all people.

Today, my village is full of strong women, and men – each with different stories. I am blessed to have found a family that wants to cultivate a better world.

Nicole’s Career Story

How long have you been with Clarkston?

I have been with Clarkston for 23+ years.

What is your role at Clarkston?

I am a Principal in Consumer Products. My roles in recent years have ranged from and Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Integration Lead, and Testing Lead.

Tell us about a new skill you’ve developed recently.

Recently, I have re-developed long latent SAP skills. It’s been over 13 years since I last worked in SAP and I have spent the last year re-learning the basics and learning the new. I am also learning more about the retail fashion industry where my background has been in consumer products and manufacturing.

If you had to choose, which of Clarkston’s core values do you feel resonates with you the most?

“Teamwork” resonates the most with me. We have the opportunity to work with so many talented and inspiring people to tackle the challenges out clients are facing – it takes a village.

How has your work changed post-COVID?

I miss being in person with a team. It has made work a little less efficient and effective. I find things take a bit longer to get done.

Which internal initiatives, communities, or projects are you involved in at Clarkston? 

I am involved in StayWell. Wellness is passion of mine.

What advice would you give to someone starting at Clarkston?

Ask lots of questions, speak up and learn how to be self-aware.

In your experience, what qualities make someone a good consultant?

The right mix of knowledge and a growth mindset. And patience.