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M&A Technology Integration and Planning

As the rate of mergers and acquisitions continues to build in life sciences, companies need to institutionalize the ability to quickly align strategy and process, and leverage technology to facilitate a fast integration.


IT’s Critical Role.

Because of the important role technology plays in companies, IT’s role in the long-term success or failure of an M&A deal is more important than ever. Technology touches virtually all aspects of a company’s operations and is the common denominator among all corporate functions. Creating an integration strategy that establishes a reliable echnology integration is vital to the overall success of any merger transaction.


If you have been through an IT integration related to the merger, acquisition, or divestiture of a life sciences company, you know that there are a lot of opportunities created for the business when you get it right.

The best practices that make an integration successful can be leveraged across transactions, even though every integration process is unique.

  • Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Integration Strategy
  • Program Management

Having a plan that addresses the cross-functional needs of the business, particularly meeting Quality and Regulatory standards, requires a proven plan and strategy.

  • Project Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Data Migration

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are becoming common place for pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical device. Creating a strategy and process that can be repeated, yet customized for each integration, is becoming an expectation of on the IT organization.

  • M&A Methodology/Playbook

What Our Stewards Say

Janel Firestein

So many companies will look at IT integration as a given in M&A — when their companies merge, they know there will have to be some merging at the technology level. That assumption is where you can start to lose a lot of value. When you make IT integration a strategic focus at the beginning, you’ll find that the integration of everything else, from sales to finance to quality, goes a lot smoother.

We helped a global generics manufacturer through the acquisition process and subsequent systems integration with another major player in the generics market. As a result of our work with the client, we were able to successfully integrate the technology landscape with minimal disruptions resulting in a new IT infrastructure that gave the acquiring organization visibility into business systems and built-in flexibility and scalability for future M&A. To learn more, reach out to our M&A expert, Janel Firestein.

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