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Analytics in Pharma and Life Sciences

The cost savings in health care due to big data is becoming a board-level conversation. With the future of value-based care, the challenge of how to use data once we have it cannot be ignored.


Actionable Analytics.

The ability to leverage large, real-world datasets to drive better decision making is becoming a reality. A strategic approach is required to drive actionable insights from the data. Without it, you are just searching for a needle in a haystack.


By identifying existing and external datasets with the greatest latent value, and focusing efforts on a specific challenge to deliver ROI, your big data will create an opportunity to build ‘real’ trust with key stakeholders.

Becoming an analytics-driven company requires organizational alignment, mapping and tracking the use of analytics and infusing a process of continuous improvement.

  • Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Analytics Process Assessment

Companies that successfully leverage analytical capabilities in their existing business processes and cross-functionally, will see a definite impact throughout the value chain.

  • Demand Planning/Forecasting
  • New Product Development
  • Cross-functional Activation

To use analytics to provide value to patients, payers and providers, leverage new and existing technology and data investments to develop valuable analytical capabilities.

  • Analytical Tools Experience (SAP BOBJ, SAP BW, CRM)
  • Technology Integration
  • Master Data Strategy & Governance

What Our Stewards Say

Nadim Yacteen

Patient engagement has been utterly revolutionized by advances in technology relative to health and wellness. We now have data and information that, not that long ago, would have been all but impossible to access. But therein lies the problem for most – you’ve got all the raw data you could ever need but what do you do with it now? Understanding and addressing that challenge will be the skillset for success in the life sciences industry.

We’ve unlocked terabytes of strategic value working with clients to better understand and act on their data by aligning their systems, data, and architecture with their strategic objectives. Nadim Yacteen.

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